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5 Star Life Coaching was founded by husband & wife duo, Greg & Shanah Morehead, and they specialize in Relationship, Marriage, and Business Coaching. They are a husband and wife team who were both inspired to help bring reconciliation and restoration to marriages across the world after experiencing challenges in their own marriage..

Our Courses

With the Courses below, Greg & Shanah help you transform your Marriage/Relationship for the better, with a 10 week Mastermind Intensive. They provide weekly Coaching with all of their Courses, a Private Group/Community, and non expiration Course content that you and your spouse can access if times get rough down the road. Upon purchase of any one of our Courses, you and your spouse receive a Golden Access ticket that entitles you to 50% off of our Retreat Tickets once those are back in session.


Helping Individuals Through Godly Restoration!


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