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About the Coaches.

5 Star Life Coaching was founded by 20+ year husband & wife duo, Greg & Shanah Morehead, and they specialize in Relationship, Marriage, and Business Coaching..

They are a non-traditional Christian husband and wife team who were both inspired to help bring reconciliation and restoration to marriages across the world after experiencing challenges in their own marriage..

Greg & Shanah partners with other Christian Coaches around the world and are able to provide more expertise and experience for the couples that they serve through Courses and weekend getaways/retreats..

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Get The Spark Back-How to Form an Enduring Relationship That Lasts Past a Pandemic

Life together moves from the excitement of passion to the routine of daily life. Physiologically, the body quits producing most of the chemicals which made infatuation such a high. You might wonder what happened to that wonderful high. In this course, you’ll learn what happened to those intense emotions and how you can keep the fire going in your relationship.

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Greg and Shanah really helped us when we were having some tough times in our Marriage. They were able to bring about some clarity with what we were going through and we saved our Marriage..



I was able to get things worked out by getting Coaching from Greg and Shanah.



If you are on the fence about what Greg & Shanah can do for your Marriage, just jump in. My marriage has done a 360 within a 3 month period.